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Information for users
Art Sales Catalogues Online contains two different databases:

  • The Art Sales Catalogues Online database present the online edition of the Répetoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques by Frits Lugt combined with the possibility to view complete art sales catalogues. This database provides a multitude of search options. Many recently discovered catalogues have been added and corrections to the original Répertoire have been made.

  • The Libraries database gives the opportunity to search through libraries with holdings of art sales catalogues.

  • Language
    The database is bilingual and can be consulted both in English and in French. The system will automatically select the language of your browser for displaying the database. It is possible to change your choice by clicking on one of the Flags in the upper right hand corner of the Search screen.
    The translation from French into English has been processed automatically. The result is that in some cases, in the English version, the order of the words in a sentence is unusual or that some words are not translated at all. The Provenance field is not translated.

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